Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Horse talk

Been rather neglectful with my blogging so will add a few notes here. Yesterday was our oldest granddaughter's birthday (we have two). Birthday party on Sunday with other grandparents and cousins. Lots of fun.

This picture is rather old but it is of the birthday girl and Kelly - well, me too. We have known for a few years that Kelly's eyes were failing but in just a week, one eye has completely clouded over and is a whitish opaque. I can't understand why this would happen so fast. We are giving her a little Bute to reduce any inflamation although it doesn't look sore and she's not showing any indication of pain.

We have four horses in the barn who are all on Equine Sr. Kelly, the pony above, is nearly blind; Abbey, 26 year old quarter horse, is doing great but retired; Cord, my friend Beth's 20 something, quarter horse is asthmatic but happy and eager to go for a trail ride; and Ivan, my guy, is standing around getting fat. I really need to start riding again.

This is a picture of us from last summer. Ivan is showing off how well he can bend. All you dressage riders know how important "the bend" is. He would like you to notice that he is using his whole body, not just his neck. Ivan is a Percheron/thoroughbred cross and has been the perfect horse for me. Our experiences together include lots of dressage lessons, a few shows, jumping, camping, trail riding, giving lessons together, and just hanging out learning stupid horse tricks. He has an incredible sense of humor. When we give a lesson, if the student doesn't use his/her hands, legs, and seat correctly, Ivan will just go to a corner and stand. No amount of prodding will get him to move until all the rider's body parts are lined up.

I will probably talk more about the horses as time goes on because they are a very big part of my life. Right now I need to go spin because I ordered some awesome Faroese Shawl patterns from Margaret Pittman > www.heritageyarns.com <> I am spinning the lovely rose gray fiber from Rouge. Have about 300 yards done but think I will need about 700.

Dang! I cannot get my pictures to stay where I put them. Need to figure this out.

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