Thursday, May 31, 2007

Abandoned Socks

This is the sock that I'm abandoning to work on my shawl. Did I tell you, the shawl is a blast? I'm waking up in the middle of the night to knit a few rows.
Back to the sock - the match is knitted to the heel and I'm feeling really guilty about starting a new project. All my knitting friends are telling me that it's ok. They have unfinished (UFOs) projects all over their homes. This just doesn't feel right to me. Isn't my sock going to feel neglected and abandoned stuck on those needles in a bag? I'm told that after I have been knitting for a while, I will cope better - and happily, cheerfully, without guilt leave something behind to start a new project.
I'm afraid that I may never come back to these socks. Even though this is alpaca yarn, it's not really nice stuff. I bought it on line because I thought if I really goof on this project, I don't want to use my nice homespun. What I don't like about it: It's not really soft like alpaca should be. It split easily while knitting. And it has guard hairs - yuck! I hate those harsh little buggers sticking out.


Pamala Rose said...

It's summer time...who needs socks! And you will return to it. Some projects are better for having waited for a time. Got a couple of afghans I got bored with making that sat in my cedar chest for 10 years. Finally decided I needed the space so I finished them. I currently have 3 sweaters and a shawl going. Enjoy working on your shawl, the sock can wait.

Sharon said...

Maple, it boils down to this. Life is too short to spend a second of it doing something you're not crazy about. There are too many things we have to do. Aren't we lucky that we can knit whatever we want. If that sock is what! You love the shawl...go for it.

Peggy said...

Girl, I have so many UFO's flying around my house I got NASA camped out in my back yard. Well, no, it isn't NASA.....its Fox Mulder!!!! Anyways, yeah, sometimes it bothers me so I put the stuff that I really don't like and is making me feel quilty far, far, far away so I won't see its ugly face again. I'm kinda ticked at socks right now anyways. If you've kept up with my blog you will know why. I'm glad you are enjoying your shawl knitting though.