Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weaning Day

Today was weaning day for these two little darlings. Pollux, on the left, was born last May, and Orion was born in September. You might know, Pollux, four months older, is doing the most moaning for mom. I guess I'm not surprised because his mom, Lady Belita, is a timid girl. Orion has much more confidence. We nicknamed him SLAMMER because he was always charging into the big girls. The moms aren't upset at all. In fact, I think they are quite relieved. We will have to check moms occasionally to watch for mastitis but I think they had pretty much taken care of the nursing process.
My town, Ithaca, had a Women's Day today in the shops uptown. Our knit shop, Sip-N-Knit invited me and some friends up to spin. Is so much fun to explain to people what we are doing. They act like it's a magic show. I managed to get two ounces spun up while visiting.

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